The "What If...?" imaginative Story of Didi and Boynie

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Didi who loved animals.

Then there was also a boy named Boynie who not only loved animals but also felt he was often like one of them who was able to talk or whisper to them!

One day they met each other in a city zoo and felt some connection with each other.

They were worlds apart as she was a nurse in the city hospital...

...while he was an animal trainer who could connect with monkeys or dogs to be called the Whisperer.

They seemed to have several compatible traits with each other like loving to go to the movies...

...and being fans of the same super heroes.

They love playing undercover detectives...

...and to have a good laugh together was a simple enjoyment for both!

Out of the blue, for just a couple of days, they would go up to the hills

Bringing along a willing chaperone who was given a last minute notice of the trip to come with them!

They headed up north to another hill top with the Penang's Kek Lok Si temple

Didi felt the inspiration from seeing a Christmas movie once of a sword fighter on these grounds.

This was a 2011 Christmas movie which can be viewed here.

Boynie caught on to her brain wavelength frequency and joined in. Together they seem to make a fearless pair!

Up and Up they went to another hill in Penang known as Bukit Bukit Bendera

Boynie felt intimidated and sad when he saw a sign he felt referred to him!

Luckily they came to a spot that reassured him all was well...

...that made him feel loved by Didi inspite of who he was.

The view from the top on the island of Penang was exhilarating!

Didi soaked it all in and her mind began to wander.

She had seen the artists at work in Penang and imagined 'what if' what they drew could be real?

She imagine herself with Sun Wukong, the Monkey King that would follow a monk with 2 other friends half pig and a buffalo in a drama she used to watch since young!

As her mind got deeper in the world of imagination, she felt she was flying on a magic carpet!

Boynie still on the hill wondered where she had disappeared to.

Again locking on to her brain frequency, he soon could join her on the flying magic carpet! 

Like their super heroes, they felt they could dive down from the sky above to the land below unhurt.

Little did they know dinosaurs still roamed on the earth below and had to run into a cave for safety.

They were now in an adventure to seek for treasure in the cave but needed to overcome all the obstacles before them like walking on a broken rope bridge across molten lava! 

Next was to protect themselves from mummies who became alive from their tombs!

They had to climb out of a deep well trap that they had fallen into!

There was also a struggle with Ghostly beings who would suddenly appear before them out of nowhere! 

Boynie was nearly swallowed up by a gigantic serpent in one of the tunnels if it were not for Didi who saved him!

At last they found Aladdin's magic oil lamp where Boynie rubbed it and a Genie appeared to give them an awesome reward of gold coins!

They asked for a safer mode of transportation from the Genie like a bicycle which he did grant to them but it had ET as a companion on it who flew them high up in the sky again, even across the moon!

Finally they found by themselves a good old fashioned rickshaw down on earth level...

...where if anything happened like Didi falling off the chair, Boynie could catch her!

Didi has had enough of magic carpets in the air!

They could have found a slow boat to get home...

...but avoided it as unfortunately Boynie was not a good swimmer and would drown if he fell into the water!
They did eventually get back to a 'down-to-earth; state from their dreamland trip, never forgetting how things got out of proportion from what was supposed to be a normal trip!

Didi and Boynie learnt from the trip that what was most precious was not the gold coins or other gifts from the Genie they left behind but the love of their hearts for each other. 

What a great joy it was to see Didi with her big smile and the beautiful night view of Penang island in the background,
She was sitting alone at the back of the ferry that had left the island...

...soon to be joined by Boynie grinning throughout the ferry ride.

He was grateful for the 2 chaperones on the trip. One was added in Penang, seated in the middle of the pic above. It was he who took the photo of Didi and Boynie holding the symbolic heart at the romantic Straits Quay where he had accompanied the loving couple!

Boynie felt charged up by the great success of the trip that seemed to give him a surge of extra energy!

He thought of his buddy in Australia due to this pic taken in Dec last year to say...

... "Look at the grin on my face!"

A thought also went to his guide and travelling companion in China, Wu Yuk Choi, who made some photos in this story possible. The prospects of a 'future wife' for Boynie was mentioned often during their China trip conversations to the extent that he and his wife had booked their flight early to visit Malaysia early in January of the 2016 new year to meet her!

P.S :
An Optimal 'future wife' indeed!

Google+ produced this photo-slide movie on the Story of Didi and Boynie

Postdated development :

Well they did come with another couple Yonnie and Ray who celebrated their 24th Anniversary after they returned to Hong Kong. A commemorative video below was made for their anniversary celebration that was made from pics of their trip and some from this blog post as well, dedicated to them from other couples in love in Hong Kong and Malaysia who became part of their enjoyable holiday.

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